Elgin Williamson Family


Elgin- Williamson Enterprise is a family owned, full service, collision repair facility and Wrecker Service. We have served Greenville, along with surrounding areas, for more than 20 years, located on the West End of beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In the 1950’s our building was the home of Baker Motors dealership. Many of our customers tell us stories of coming to buy their first car from this very location! The large show room floor is what we now use as our office space. When you walk into the front door you will see many of our collectables around the shop from old bottles, to an autographed Wayne Gretzky photo, to a life size statue of “The Duke”. EWE supports other local business and has many contracts with fellow companies for towing, and close relationships with other Body Shops, as well as auto mechanics in the area.

Elgin Williamson Pedro Williamson

Billy H. (Pedro) Williamson

Role: With more than 30 years of experience in the collision repair field, Pedro is our President and leader.

Goals: He strives to turn every customer into a friend.

Personal Motto: “I think I can!”

Personal Signature: Likely to include “31,” his football number from Whitmire High School. He credits the small town of Whitmire, and the couches there, with instilling values that he wants to live by.

Personal Strengths: Family man, caring, devoted. He also manages to work with his wife and two daughters, he somehow manages to keeps them all in line, and we see this has a huge feat.

Dreams: In high school his aim was to always be surrounded by women. Now that he is a husband, with four daughters and four granddaughters that seems to have come true. Be careful what you wish for! Thankfully, he has great son-in laws and a new grandson to even up the odds a bit.

Elgin Williamson Dana Williamson

Dana R. Williamson

Role: Vice President who works to keep things running smoothly for customers dealing with insurance companies, solving problems no matter where they pop up. The only thing she can’t do is stop Pedro from buying cars as toys.

Goals: As a former Team Manager in NASCAR, she wants the race of life to be won by her family and staff at Elgin Williamson Enterprises, and the best way to do that is to live a strong faith.

Personal Motto: “Tomorrow is another day.”

Personal Signature: “Miss Honey,” the name most often used by Pedro.

Personal Strengths: Strong convictions, fierce protector of those she loves. She has a slight Coca-Cola addition. When riled, she makes the Wicked Witch look like a Sweetheart. Beware!

Dreams: To one day become the woman she most admires in life, her Grandmother. Pedro and four beautiful daughters are her dream come true.

Elgin Williamson Claudia Williamson

Claudia Williamson

Role: Office Manager with the strength of a tiger, assisting customers through every step of their towing or vehicle repairs. She can be a bit of a troublemaker in the office with her rubber band gun.

Goals: To always live her faith, and extend it to every person she encounters.

Personal Motto: Live everyday with the joy and wonder of a child. “Games are not just for kids!”

Personal Signature: Gidget, also known as Gaga to her adoring fans. She will always answer the phone with “Good afternoon” no matter the time of day.

Personal Strengths: Will cry with you, or rejoice with you. She is an expert marksman, with her rubber band gun. She makes 5 feet tall look like 10.

Dreams: To be surrounded by family, spreading the fun everywhere.

Elgin Williamson Billie Williamson

Billie Williamson

Role: Collision Repair Manager who works to make every insurance claim as easy as possible. Her most important job may be being the right hand of Pedro, at times she can’t make it back to her chair before he needs something else, it can be pretty fun to watch.

Goals: To spread a little sunshine, even on the cloudy days.

Personal Motto: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh.”

Personal Signature: Bills, Billie-Boo (which is heard all day from Pedro, needing help to find that folder that happens to be in front of him).

Personal Strengths: Her bubbly personality adds to her beauty. She always knows just what to say to people.

Dreams: To be wrapped in love of family and friends, in a sparkly dress, with a glass of wine, holding the hand of the man she loves, letting the bubbles overflow.